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Advanced Fuel Systems design and manufacture FIA approved fuel safety systems and our monolithic fuel safety cell construction is the answer to improved fit and volume optimisation. We are unique among fuel safety cell manufacturers in that we simultaneously manufacture both the composite material and the finished fuel safety cell. This enables us to mould the shape of the cell to our customers' exact requirements, resulting : • Weight reduction • Improved durability • Smoother shape • Increased cell flexibility • Ability to incorporate integral parts unique to the design i.e.collectors baffles, pump mounts and sumps • Working closely with our customers, we can achieve a bespoke product with superior performance in every respect, meeting the most extreme specifications for any application. Fitting cells into historic cars to maintain original appearance is a particular area of expertise. As safety is of paramount importance, our fuel cells are constructed from an engineered fabric, coated in a tough urethane. In the case of an accident, the cell will deform on impact. This has a two-fold benefit; fuel is allowed to move away from the impact, yet remains contained within the cell. Our fuel safety cells are FIA approved and we are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company.

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