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Founded in 1923 by E.G. Ford, the Grandfather of the current Managing Director, Auto car has long been a major contributor to the British automotive industry. Specializing in engine ignition and carbonation, Auto car soon developed a high reputation for engine tuning for both road and racetrack and was appointed national distributors for Auto lite spark plugs. In the 1950s, under the management of E.H. Ford, Autocar became the national distributor for Sun Tester products. Then, in the 1960s, Autocar worked closely with British vehicle development departments to perfect ignition for high performance cars such as the Jaguar “E-Type”. This lead to Autocar launching its own groundbreaking Lumenition Infra-Red solid state ignition system.. In the 70s and 80s, Autocar branched out into the world of in-car entertainment when it was chosen to introduce the Pioneer, Alpine, Becker and Hirshmann brands to the UK. In the 90s, and under guidance from the third generation, M.A.J. Ford refocused the Company on the motor sport field and added a race spec Engine Management System and Throttle bodies to the Lumenition range.. Despite manufacturing some of the best ignition solutions available, Autocar also saw the need for a range of race products aimed at the enthusiast for whom price was just as important as features. The MicroDynamics offers such a solution with its brand of turbo products, shift lights, rev limiters and ignition systems. Launched in 2000, the Digital Series brings the latest technology within reach of all. With its wide range of products, continued research and development, and supportive international dealer network, Auto car delivers technology that its founder could never have envisage and that E.H. Ford could have only dreamed of.

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A division of Autocar Electrical Equipment Co Ltd.