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Circuit Zandvoort celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2008. After the opening of the circuit in 1948, a Formula 1 Grand Prix was organized several times on the dune track. A worthy successor to the race event was the Marlboro Masters. A short review. The relationship between the Zandvoort beach resort and motor sport brings us back to the end of the 30s, when enthusiasts of the racing decided to organize a competition in Zandvoort. This race took place on a temporary street circuit. The events attracted several thousand visitors. Reason for the then mayor of Alphen to organize more often car racing events in Zandvoort, but then on a permanent circuit. The dune area north of Zandvoort was chosen as a location. The realization of the circuit was delayed due to the outbreak of the Second World War. Van Alphen managed to convince the occupiers of the usefulness of the asphalt ribbon in the dunes, because this would serve as "Paradestrasse", if they were to win the war. When the war ended, work continued on the construction of the course, even when Mayor Fennema came to the reign as successor to Van Alphen. The first race was held on August 7, 1948. The meeting did not count for a championship, but did attract many Formula 1 drivers to Zandvoort. Winner became Prince Bira of Siam. A year later another event was organized under the name "Grote Prijs van Zandvoort". Luigi Villoresi took the win here with his Ferrari. In the fifties the Formula 1 meeting was renamed "Grand Prix of the Netherlands". From 1952 Zandvoort was part of the official World Championship. An important step in car racing history, because Zandvoort was part of a calendar that consisted of just eight races. Louis Rosier, Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss and Joachim Bonnier could look back with satisfaction at the races at Zandvoort, as they all managed to win at least 1 time.

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