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IncoTest, a business division of Special Metals Wiggin Limited and wholly owned by Precision Castparts, provides a high quality and cost effective materials testing service from some of the best equipped laboratories in the world. Located in Hereford, England, IncoTest supplies high integrity test data to the Aerospace, Power Generation, Nuclear, Chemical, Automotive and Manufacturing Industries. Offering a completely independent contract service, IncoTest benefits from investment in the latest testing facilities made by the worlds leading developer and producer of high nickel alloys. This relationship, and the knowledge gained from years of experience as a test house, provides IncoTest personnel with the ability to advise on a broad range of materials problems. Operating 24 hours a day, orders are processed as quickly as possible to meet customers’ delivery requirements. All IncoTest services are provided in the strictest confidence. Client details are kept secure from all third parties. The laboratories have fully computerised information management and certification systems which provide accurate and reliable results, password protected and encoded to guarantee security.

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IncoTest UK, Special Metals Wiggin Ltd,Holmer Road