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I/O Port Racing Supplies is located in Lafayette, California and was established in June of 1988. Specializing in safety equipment, I/O Port has grown from selling helmets and suits at local race events to having a 24-page catalog and worldwide sales. We are constantly expanding our inventory to give you a more comprehensive source for racing goods. Recently we added the The JAWS Advanced Warning System now required by NASA for the 25-Hours of Thunderhill. We also have added CTEK Battery Chargers, Red Line Brake Fluid, SFE Radios, I/O Port Angled Window Nets, Radio and ChatterBox Cable Adapters and a ton of other equipment by major manufacturers such as ESS, Longacre, Kirkey, Safecraft and Simpson. Our electronic catalog offers an even more in-depth overview of our goods as compared to our printed catalog. You may link to other sites on our Links page. You may download our sizing charts and other informational pages for future reference, but please remember, our catalog and all information located on ioportracing.com is for personal use only. All copyrights apply. I/O Port manufactures video camera mounts, electronic devices, mirrors, window nets, arm restraints, helmet supports, cool suits, tow straps, steering wheel adaptors, seat brackets and seat-back braces. All of these items were invented to fill a need in the racing field. We are constantly looking for other needs to fill. If you have an idea that you think we would be interested in, please call or email to let us know.I/O Port distributes quality racing equipment offered by the leading manufacturers. These manufacturers haven't been resting on their laurels - they've been working hard to bring you cooler and lighter driving suits, safer and better fitting seats, and lighter, cooler helmets, for instance. When we bring in new products, we test them at the track. You can rest assured that each product is of the highest quality and offered to you at the lowest price possible.

More info: www.ioportracing.com

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