Motor Sports Association (MSA)
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The MSA's range of publications ensures that its members and the wider UK motor sport community are kept up to date with everything they need to know about their sport and its governing body. Varying in frequency from annual to monthly, and in content from regulatory and informative to entertaining and newsworthy, these publications serve a range of purposes for many thousands of readers. MSA Licensed Officials are appointed to most permitted motor sport events to ensure that they run in accordance with the regulations, which are designed to ensure – as far as reasonably possible – safety and fair play. Training The MSA provides training programmes for its Licensed Officials covering all motor sport disciplines. These include Clerks and Stewards, Scrutineers, Timekeepers, Rescue and Recovery, Radio Coordinators and Controllers, MSA Training Instructors and Safeguarding Officers. Details of the various Licences Official roles and their associated training can be found via the links on the right.

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