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Hares was established in 1908. They manufactured bicycles and along with others delved into motorization in bikes and then eventually cars. In the 1960's the company had branches in several towns and villages in the area and this included a BMC/Rover dealership at our current site. Our previous site at Station Road was our home since 1926. In 2014 we took the difficult decision to move from our long term home and to purchase the site we left in the 1960's. This is a new and exciting time for Hares, now renamed Hares of Sussex. We can now display 40-50 cars for sale including a large showroom with room for 8 cars. We have a fully equipped workshop with all the latest diagnostic equipment. We will always offer excellent value for money. You can always be assured of a warm welcome at Hares. We look forward to being of service to you, your family and your friends. Alastair Roberts is the General manager, and together with Mem Nicholaides in Sales steer the Hares ship. I am incredibly proud of my team at Hares, the move was very challenging. You learn a great deal about people in times of change. My team rose to the challenge and made me realize how important each and every member of staff is at hares. It is a Family, they worked into the night over a week and we opened on time. We are now where it all started, back at 3 North Lane, East Preston, back beside those train tracks that the locals like so much. We will be here for a long time.

More info: www.haresofsussex.co.uk

3 North Lane