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Established in 1976, AiM is today a world leader in motorsports and race data acquisition, instrumentation, dataloggers, digital displays, lap timers, stopwatches and gauges for performance and racing vehicles. AiM has set new standards in many application fields: from kart to car, from bike to dragster and Formula1 raceboats. AiM: a world leader in Data Acquisition for Racing applications. AiM products combine the functions of traditional tachometers (tach / RPM gauge), temperature gauges, pressure gauges and lap timers into compact, high performance, easy-to-use instrumentation. Among our huge range of products, consolidated market leaders are the MyChron systems - a milestone in kart and junior dragster worlds - MX series, the most popular data loggers among racers of all series around the world, SmartyCam HD, the only on-board camera designed for motorsports.

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