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We have extensive experience in all areas of automotive electronics, with particular expertise in spark ignition engine control and vehicle instrumentation (either for industrial or autosport applications). If it is electronic and attached to a vehicle, then we can help you! Race Technology has been operating since early 2002 and its activities can be broadly split into three categories: 1) supply of data loggers, display units and sensors from our standard product range, 2) development of custom products for clients, and 3) consultancy work. Our particular areas of expertise include: - -Automotive electronics -PCB design -High speed/high accuracy -data acquisition systems -Visual Basic -Engine control systems -Real Time Ansi C -GPS in automotive applications -C++ -CAN systems -Matlab/Simulink -Assembler -dSpace -Microcontroller Based Systems If you have any applications that you would like to discuss, please get in contact. They can be undertaken in a number of ways including fixed price contracts, hourly consultation, or on a licence basis where appropriate. Some example projects we have already undertaken include: -Real time combustion analysis system -OBDII monitoring system -In-cylinder spark discharge diagnostic system -Complete low cost 16 bit engine management system with CAN interface -Short range data telemetry system -High quality video/data overlay system -Complete solid state car loom for road legal autosport applications -Complete CAN instrumentation system -Solid state gyro for measuring dynamic pitch and roll -Engine power electronics interface board -Non-intrusive vehicle power measurement system -CAN to compact flash data logger

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