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Working in Formula 1 in the early 1990s we were concerned that our test rigs were difficult to use and develop. This was due to the complex, inflexible software and electronic hardware, using it was wasting resources and stifling progress. So we built a simple, modular test rig controller. Our user friendly design became increasingly popular and was adopted to control more and more in-house test rigs. After seven years of steady development the systems spread into the motor-sport supply chain. Finally, in 2002 Tiab was formed to supply a growing demand. We had learnt all the key functionality needed and started from a clean sheet of paper.We created a hardware and software design that would stand the test of time. Today Tiab supply to every engineering test industry, from small scale medical through to huge crude oil hose pipe test rigs. With over 50% overseas sales Tiab are now internationally recognised for producing control systems that can be easily refined to each new application, are high quality and powerful, yet easy to use, develop and maintain.

More info: www.tiab.co.uk

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