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Welcome to the Motor Enthusiasts Club. It is hard to believe that August 2014 marked the 60th Anniversary of our club, with some of our original members still taking an active role in the running of the club, and our events. Over the past 60 years the club has run all kinds of Motorsport related events from Motorcycle Trials in the beginning, to all manner of car events including Sporting Trials, Rallies, Circuit Racing, Autocross, Autotests, Rallysprints, Hillclimbs and 4×4 Trials. Today we still run Motorcycle Trials and a wide variety of Car events every year. In 1995 we had the pleasure of hosting a round of The World Trials Championship on the Sugarloaf in Co. Wicklow. The Motor Enthusiasts' Club is quite a unique club that has been in existence for over 60 years now. It was set up in 1957 and some of the original members are still actively involved. We organise and run a wide variety of Motorsport events, mainly due to the diversity of experience of the board members. The club is quite unlike other clubs who would concentrate on a single type of event. The event types cover both motorbike and car disciplines. Event types run are as follows: Sporting Trials, Autotests, Racing, Hillclimb/Sprints, Rally Sprints, Motorcycle Trials. The MEC board is made up of 11 directors who are deeply involved in Motorsport up to and including governing bodies of both four wheel (Motorsport Ireland) and two wheel (Motor Cycling Ireland) disciplines in Ireland. Our members have taken part in international Motorcycle trials, represented Ireland at international Autotests and have competed in National and International rallies at all levels. All of the Directors are volunteers, who give up their time freely to ensure that events are run to the highest standard and that the competitors get value for money. We are constantly looking for volunteers and welcome all comers to assist us. If you think you might enjoy assisting the MEC then please become a member and offer your assistance through the website or Facebook pages to the people running the events. Even if you turn up on the day and are interested in getting involved please come forward to the officials and you will receive a warm welcome. You will have the knowledge that you have directly helped continue a great tradition of Motorsport in Ireland.

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