MoTeC (Europe) Ltd
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MoTeC designs and manufactures a range of world leading products to suit a variety of needs, from compact satellite displays to fully featured replacement ECUs for a wide range of vehicles. MoTeC engine management and data acquisition systems are designed for performance, reliability and versatility. With advanced technology and a multitude of expansion options, our products can be configured to suit almost any application—on land, water and even in the air. Every level is catered for, from high performance road vehicles and amateur motorsport to top class professional race teams. MoTeC's ever expanding product range is extensive and modular, allowing customers to tailor a solution to their individual needs. A core range of fully programmable ECUs, data loggers and displays can be integrated with peripheral devices and accessories to form a complete solution that powers, controls, logs, monitors and communicates virtually any automotive parameter.

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Unit 14, Twyford Mill Industrial Estate, Oxford Road, Adderbury