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Lightweight structures, development and manufacturing. Composite components development, from customer surfaces / requirements to delivery, incl Design, FEA, Optimization and Production. Composite and metallic chassis development. Composite structures are in many markets leveraging the development of evermore advanced products. Relying on composite materials we able to travel faster, further and more economically, our daily consumer goods are becoming more and more efficient, our sports articles allow us to improve our performance, ultimately these materials are evermore strong contributor to our lifestyle improvement. OPTIMAL STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS is focused on providing end-to end solutions to its customers, within composite structures. Relying on our internal capacities in engineering and manufacturing we can transform an idea into a prototype component, and latter into a serial production relying on the most advanced and cost efficient technologies. Within the group OPTIMAL STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS covers transversely all markets where composite structures bring added value, the only exception being the aeronautical market which is covered by OPTIMAL AEROSTRUCTURES. Our main markets nowadays are in the automotive, nautical and consumer sports goods, but we are always open for a new challenge.

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