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Automec Equipment & Parts Limited was founded by Ray and Val Smith in 1975 initially to supply parts for British vehicles and equipment to anyone in the world that indicated a need. Ray has been in the motor parts business all of his working life with a short break for military service around the Middle East with the 33rd Airborne. Years with Austin, MG, VW, Mazda, Renault and Lancer Boss equipped him well to know what people in our business are looking for; a reliable, professional service, meeting peoples needs promptly, honestly with sensible prices and procedures. Now in our 40th year and managed by Ray's son Jon, Automec continue in the same tradition with many customers, in the UK and around the world who have been with us since the beginning. We salute them and thank them for their unswerving loyalty. In all those years the products haven't changed much. Copper and Copper Nickel brake pipe sets, Copper and Copper Nickel piping, British made pipe flaring and bending tools, brake, fuel and clutch pipes, ABA hoseclips, pipe clips, solid brass pipe fittings and most recently (in 1982) DOT5 Silicone Brake Fluid. We are proud of the performance and history of our Company and very proud that our customer base includes some of the best known and respected car clubs and motor businesses from around the world. Today tailor made brake pipe sets are produced, within hours, to suit most cars and light vehicles right or left hand drive. If at any time, any pipe in one of our sets is wrong, we will put it right at our expense. At some stage hydraulic brake pipes will disappear, nevertheless Automec inevitably will evolve with the needs of our customers. Most of the founding principles will however remain the same; the best products in their market sector, at sensible prices with a prompt and efficient service. We aim to be the best that we can be so that our business continues to prosper.

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Automec Equipment & Parts Ltd, 36 Ballmoor, Buckingham Industrial Estate