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Tectonics UK is established as the UK’s leading manufacturer of marquees and temporary structures. Since our inception in 1986 we’ve had to change and evolve not only the company itself, but also our range of structures to keep up with a fast paced market and diverse client base. When Tectonics UK was founded, the company was not just manufacturing and selling temporary structures, but also hiring them to clients within the region. After a few years, our manufacturing arm and its client base had grown so strong that we were forced to stop hiring marquees ourselves, due to the conflict of interest with the hirers that now formed the integral part of our business. However the experience we gained from working so closely with the end user was vital in allowing us to develop new and existing structures to better meet the demands of our customers. We have developed our market leading Multispan Marquee system to include many different variations and configurations, ensuring that bays can be endlessly linked to create a marquee of infinite length. We designed new elements for the Multispan making it ever more adaptable by allowing it to be manufactured with unique shapes such as peaked or curved roofs, hip ends and T shapes to name but a few. We have created new structures to meet the changing needs of our clients, the introduction of our industrial structures allowed us to work with other UK market sectors by offering structures designed to cope with commercial situations, which can be quickly installed or easily and economically moved from site to site. We have also increased our range of Instant marquees / canopies allowing clients to choose the product and style which best suits their needs rather than having to settle for “off the shelf” low quality products. Diversification is now a crucial part of the events industry, the ability to appeal to as wide an audience as possible is now critical. As manufacturers we have highly skilled engineers and state of the art machinery which enables us to manufacture almost anything as long as we are able to source raw materials. These resources are invaluable to our company as they allow us to not only work with a hugely diverse consumer base, but also cater to specific needs on a client by client basis. The term “standard” or “off the shelf” no longer applies because the fact is marquee hirers want something unique, something that gives them a USP, something that sets them apart in a highly competitive marketplace. Recognising this we now strive to not only offer bespoke manufacturing services, but also stay one step ahead of the competition by researching and developing new, innovative structures and parts so that when the need arises we can react instantly. Without our highly skilled team this would not be possible, they are the most important resource at our disposal. As the company has grown, so has the number and magnitude of the contracts we have won. In recent years, our hard work as seen Tectonics UK manufacturing parts for some of the most prestigious events around the world. We’ve built structures for International Racing meets, manufactured parts for globally covered sporting tournaments and even been fortunate enough to be awarded a contract to provide vital parts for the construction of several Olympic Arenas and Venues in 2012. Even with all these great contracts, a diverse range of products and an unrivaled team, the thing we are most proud of is the quality of our structures and service. All of our structures, whether it’s the framework or the covers, are manufactured from only the highest quality materials ensuring that our customers receive the very best possible structure. The quality we aim to provide doesn’t end with the manufacturing process; service quality is what really sets us apart from the competition. This always has been and always will be the most important aspect of our business.

More info: www.tectonicsuk.co.uk

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