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Braille’s line of AGM products are manufactured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications. These standards of quality are also utilized in Braille’s Lithium technology products, chargers, mounting and battery accessory products. Braille Batteries are distributed globally with partnership manufacturing and stocking locations to serve our customers needs. Braille has the ability to work with customers directly to provide a full range of battery solutions in a diversity of applications. 2002 - Braille Auto Development begins developing lightweight components for race vehicles. 2003 - Braille releases lightweight carbon fiber body panels and begins developing and researching lighter battery options. Braille releases their first online web site. 2004 - Braille B14115 Battery released to the Sport Compact and Import Racing Markets. Bralle releases new carbon fiber panels as OEM for many lightweight specialty cars. 2005 - Braille B2015 Battery developed to meet needs of larger displacement vehicles and “all-season” light duty vehicles. Braille also begins working on lightweight seat options for OEM and race vehicles. Braille releases line of lightweight chargers and alumnium mounts. Braille releases version 2 web site. 2006 - Braille “Oxygen” racing seat released and supplied to top racing teams. Braille continues to develop additional battery models to meet needs of race teams and customes. B3121 and B106 models developed. Additional mounting brackets released to meet needs of more customers. 2007 - Braille releases the World’s first carbon fiber battery line using advanced AGM technology and composite casings. Braille also releases the B2317 and B2317R to suit top NASCAR racing teams. Braille exclusive battery supplier of The Tire Rack. Jegs Catalog picks up the Braille Battery line. 2008 - Braille releases the “Endurance” line of batteries to meet needs of large displacement and large power demand applications. Endurance line is also released to be used by commercial and daily-driven passenger and high performance cars. Braille Batteries become #1 selling lightweight battery of Jegs Catalog and is sold or distributed by over 200 dealers internationally. Braille celebrated multiple wins in NASCAR, ALMS, Formula D, SCCA Pro, IRL and other top level races. New web site launched to meet needs of growing customer and dealer base. Braille also release the B129, B2618 and other batteries to suit the needs of racing team, original equipment manufacturers and customers. Braille begins developing battery technology for alternative energy and advanced vehicle design concepts. Braille releases the first Hybrid Race car in North America based on a production vehicle. Braille starts testing alterntive chemistries for future battery development and potential release in 2009. 2009 Braille releases the new B20145 and B4032 (not on web site catalog yet) for OE customers and Racing teams replacing existing formats with higher performance Braille Batteries. In Mid 2009 the Drag racing community is amazed by a 7.5 pound “Super 16 volt” battery able to start the largest motors and becomes the battery of choice for the World Championship Alanabi Racing Team. Braille’s UK and Australian branches continue to see large growth and Braille USA reaches into additional OE supply and more distribution accounts. Braille Battery releases a lightweight 16 volt battery in AGM chemistry. As other companies seek to bring manufacturing overseas, Braille still manufactures product in the USA. Braille adds, Summit Racing, Atech Wholesale, Auto Anything and Murray’s Speed and Custom to its’ distributors. At the end of 2009 Braille becomes the first company in the World to bring to market a Lithium OE Replacement starting battery in Group 34, 48 and Group 49 sizes, all built in the USA. Braille also releases a new line of Carbon Fiber Lithium Batteries for the racing and lightweight battery markets.

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