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When winning means everything, you need the people who know everything about winning. After four decades of motorsport, we understand that success is built on experience more than just equipment and money. You need an extra something – that secret formula that’s going to help you squeeze out every last drop of power and performance. That touch of black magic that comes from the correct balance of experience, expertise, passion and talent, and gives you the edge you need to succeed. This history charts our many years of working in motorsport, with plenty of great pictures, stories and quotes from company founder Tony Taylor, and his son, current AET MD, Andy Taylor. From Tony’s early experience at Holset and meetings with Enzo Ferrari, to AET helping Project Zed to become the fastest Japanese car in Europe, it’s been an incredible journey. And we’re only just getting started… Pioneering Beginnings 1958-1974 At AET, motorsport isn’t just our business – it’s our passion, and deeply ingrained into our DNA. Whilst we’ve been directly involved in motorsport since the company was established, our racing heritage goes back even further. Our founder, Tony Taylor, was one of the key names involved in the promotion, development and early testing of turbocharging for racing. In this section, we look at Tony’s early experiences, from his engineering apprenticeship and club rallying days, to working with the big F1 teams at Holset Engineering, and his meeting with Enzo Ferrari .

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