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Wheelmania was formed in 1991 and quickly became the market leader, developing our own range of wheels. ManiaRacing (the brand) is now universally recognized as one of the high end brands in the Alloy Wheel Market. Wheelmania in-house designers create at least two new innovative designs yearly. We also design wheels for large wheel manufacturers. The Team Dynamics Jade R/Savage/Vogue were all designed by Wheelmania and then given to Team Dynamics to brand as their own. The Inovit Vortex was also created by our design team. We now have 2 specialist branches, one in Sheldon, Birmingham which has been our flagship superstore for over 15 years and our newly opened branch will offer a full in-house lowering service, whether your car is on air suspension or springs.

More info: www.wheelmania.co.uk

WheelMania, Alloy Wheels, 2347 Coventry Road