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Straight Eight Logistics was founded following personal experience in arranging the covered car transportation of two classic cars to the Mediterranean and what materialised to be an evident gap in the market. With an abundance of haulage companies to choose from, it has always been a relatively easy process to obtain quotes for enclosed car transportation. However before Straight Eight Logistics, the process of booking and transporting your vehicle with your chosen haulage company was often laborious and restrictive. Vehicles could only be collected at times set by the haulage company. With only weekly and bi-weekly trips to Europe, vehicles risked being stored in the UK following collection until a covered car transporter had been filled and was ready to go. The only way to ensure vehicles arrived in time for an event was to drive them there privately. Disheartened at this lack of service, Peter Bonham Christie founded Straight Eight Logistics - a logistics company focused on a professional, high end service and the transportation of vehicles to suit the client’s schedule. Building on his 11 years of experience developing companies in to market leaders, Peter and his team have turned Straight Eight Logistics into the front runners for bespoke covered car transportation in just 5 years.

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