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CRETARENT is a reputable car hire company with 40 years of experience in the car rental business. We deliver your choice of rental car to Heraklion and Chania, all Cretan Airports and ports or at your hotel if you prefer and have a new large fleet of cars to choose from. When delivering the car at the airport, we meet and welcome you to Crete and take you to your car which is less than 1 minute away. Thousands of satisfied customers have come to appreciate our high quality class, professional services at affordable prices. Cretarent has grown over the years into a successful force in the car rental industry. Our excellent yet affordable prices don’t come at the expense of client service. We are one of the most dependable and widely accepted family car rental Crete companies in the business. This is to guarantee that the experience you have upon your arrival and picking up the car is first-class. Our company offers a wide selection of car types ideal for your vacation on the island, from luxurious vehicles to small fuel efficient town cars, which will make your stay in the countryside or city as exciting and enjoyable as possible. Our forty years of experience in the car rental Cretan market combined with our good technical knowledge, kindness and our high standards of customer services that we provide, has placed us in a top level category. We aim to offer a high level of services coupled with regular competitive prices for the services offered. This is done to assure your absolute satisfaction with our services, which we are committed to offer.

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Efodou 30,Crete



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