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The Porsche Racing Drivers Association motor racing championship was started in 1991 by Jeff May. The 2-litre, front-engined Porsche 924 cars were augmented in 2010 by the 3.2 litre, mid-engined Boxster models with the opening Boxster championship being won by David Clark. The 2012 season saw the introduction of a production class for Boxsters to run alongside the existing fully converted race-spec Boxsters and the 924s. The Championship is organized by a committee and run under the British Racing and Sports Car Club. The three-class structure offers drivers an opportunity to race competitively, with a clear route for racing progression. Full technical specifications are available from the Official website. Class C 924: Powered by a 2-litre 4 cylinder engine driving the rear wheels, the 924 has run in the Championship since its foundation. Cheap to buy, low-tech and easy to maintain, the 924 makes the series the cheapest way to enter single-marque Porsche racing in the UK. Class B Production Boxster: This class was added for the 2012 season in an attempt to reduce the cost of entry to Boxster racing. The 3.2 litre 986 Boxster cars use original Porsche standard suspension and 17" wheels. Class A Race Boxster: Class A consists of fully converted 3.2 litre 986 or 987 Boxsters on Gaz shock absorbers, Team Dynamics Rimstock ProRace 1.3 wheels and Toyo R888 tyres. An aero package was added for the 2017 season.

More info: http://www.porscheracingdrivers.co.uk

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