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We are a family run business and have been involved in rallying since the early 1980’s. Phil Price who owns the school along with his wife Sheila has competed in over 100 National & International Rally events and has spent years building & preparing rally cars. Phil built the first of it’s kind 4WD Group B rally car which won the York National rally event the day after he finished it. He can proudly boast that the “Great Ayrton Senna” drove this car during a rally driving day put on for him by Car & Car Conversions giving him the opportunity to test his skills at Rally driving. Ayrton’s remark at the end of the day was “Very impressive!”. We provide a great venue for you here using authentic welsh rally stages and use RWD & 4WD Subaru Impreza’s. Phil along with our professional instructors are fully qualified holding BARS Instructor Licences and will ensure they bring the best out of your driving skills giving you loads of “hands on driving” learning slides, drifts, Scandinavian flick, opposite lock and much more. If you want to know what it feels like sliding through corners, your heart beating overtime to the roaring sound of the rally car with sweaty palms grasped tightly to the steering wheel and a smile from ear to ear – then get in touch!

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Coed Harbour, Llangunllo