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Shenzhen LeMyth technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, which relied on the world’s leading technology and carbon carbon, carbon ceramic composites technology. LeMyth has successfully set up a project team in 2011, developed and produced a carbon fiber composite brake system in 2014.LeMyth firstly brought carbon fiber/carbon ceramic composites brake system into commercial production in the Asia-Pacific region. The system possesses excellent brake effect and stable performance with temperature resistance up to 1750℃. Until September 2017, with utility model patents and invention patents for a total of seven, LeMyth possesses a team of 60 people currently, including 3 Doctors. For new type of friction materials, about 40% bachelor degree and above, 60% college degree, business coverage of 18 countries around the world. LeMyth commits to be the leading supplier of carbon fiber composites brake system around the world.

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