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The 200Km Motorsport Store is a registered trademark, and a project that was born in 2007 and intends to mark a place in the sporting panorama, namely in the all- terrain, dedicated to the preparation and sale of competition material of the best international brands. In 2007, in collaboration with Américo Santos, we achieved the revalidation of the Title of National Champion of All Terrain Category T2, being the involvement of 200Km Motorsport in the level of the management and organization of the assistance as well as of the strategy of race. This partnership has borne fruit to achieve that in 17 events of the National and international championship is not known a single desistência and having always been fighting for the top places. In 2008 and 2009 we focused on the preparation of vehicles having made several vehicles for the team VR Motor and we developed a diesel vehicle with which we have participated in the 24 hours of Fronteira. 2010 is marked by the opening of our store in the central area of ​​the country in LEIRIA and by the expansion to the ralies of our company. 2011 is marked by the 2nd Place the General in the 24 Hours border with a car of category T2. 2012 marks the return to the CNTT with the pilot Nuno Tordo and once again we were National Champions of All Terrain Category T2, being the only team of the Country to have played 3 championships and to be 3 times champion.

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