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MBR have been involved in Motorsport since 1988, and have been running race cars since then until 2013. During this 25 year period the MBR team has successfully run cars in Formula 3, many different Sports cars in several championships, and also run various Formula Fords, and other single seaters. In Nov 2013 team leader and team Manager Mark Bailey has decided to hand over the race preparation to Mike Gale who has worked with him for many years at MBR. So from November 2013 Mike will take over the race team, personnel and equipment from Mark and also then continue to run in the F3 cup from 2014 as - Gale Force Racing. Mark will continue in Motorsport but will concentrate his efforts (still as MBR) but more on the Hewland transmission business, on gearbox rebuild service, sales and consultancy work. Mark will still also continue the Spectrum Formula Ford Agency, and also continue to do race car engineering and engine/ gearbox installation work from the MBR workshops. Mike will be re-locating to his own Race preparation workshops just 10 minutes away from MBR, so some of their services will still be of benefit to each other. And it's no doubt that Mike will also set up his own racing related services. So both Mark and Mike will still be regular visitors to the race tracks but in their own new job titles, and with their own independant businesses. Mark says 'that there is an age gap between myself and Mike, and I am at the stage when driving trucks and loading and unloading trucks is getting to be very wearing, and it is time to hand over to a much younger man. I wish Mike all the Luck in taking over the race team, since I know that with the same hard work he will be as succesful running the team as I have been lucky enough to experience, and he has gained many years of experince at MBR so he should do well at it. Now I look forward to my own new challenges within Motorsport, and seeing our customers, and race colleagues at all the circuits. I also look forward to attending a much wider range of Motorsport events, still with support from Karen'. Thank you to everyone who has worked with me in the MBR race team, it has been a fantastic experience and I have enjoyed seeing all the ex-team members and MBR students develop into finding their own way up the motorsport ladder, and have enjoyed working with all of the MBR drivers over the years. See you around the race circuits of the UK, Europe, and hopefully the rest of the world. My best wishes to Mike, the Race crew and Gale Force Racing.

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MBR Building, 8A Jockey Lane, Bromham