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As one of the leading names in our field we’ve garnered a wealth of skills and experience over many years, providing bespoke engineering solutions in Composites and Metallics across a variety of industry sectors, such as: Aerospace The Automotive Industry Defence Motorsport With composite materials playing such a large, and ever increasing role in engineering we ensure that our research, design and manufacturing remains at the cutting edge of our industry, bringing innovation, professionalism and the highest level of quality to every project. Flexibility Our approach is flexible so that we can tailor the service to meet exactly what you require. If you need an engineering partner to oversee and manage an entire project then we would be more than happy to do so. Working with you to establish the exact brief and specifications we’re able to undertake the entire project from: DESIGN -> PROTOTYPE -> MANUFACTURE -> FULL PRODUCTION These projects can be taken on independently and in-house or in conjunction with your own engineering team. Alternatively, if you’re looking for expertise or consultation in one specific part of your project or to add our skills to part of your team on a short-term basis, again we’re happy to be of service. Leading the Way As the materials we use become more advanced, allowing us ever greater performance, so the processes can grow more complex. This is why we ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry, using our skills and experience while constantly adding to our knowledge. Working with Leggero Forte means you are working with industry leading professionals. No matter if it’s a new Formula One racing car, an aircraft or wind turbine – whatever the project and objective we’ll ensure that we work with the most appropriate materials in the most effective fashion for the very best results. Every time.

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