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Founded May 2000 by Ex-Lotus employee Simon Farren, responsible whilst at lotus cars on the Cars management team putting the Lotus 340r vehicle into production. Simon conceived ReVerie with the intention of designing niche automotive Track day / Performance enhancing products using autoclaved carbon composites. There would also due to his passion, interest and his perceived gap in the market be a large focus on aftermarket Lotus accessories, inspired mainly by the lightweight Elise and its customers understanding of the benefits of lightweight high strength materials and technology. Reverie is acknowledged in the industry worldwide as being a highly accomplished and skilled carbon fibre composite design, repair and manufacturing company with over 16 years of experience crafting the finest autoclaved carbon fibre composite parts from alloy or carbon composite tooling. We supply to the UK and export to overseas businesses and retail consumers with bespoke or batch produced high quality, repeatable carbon fibre parts. We also offer a diverse range of carbon composite parts for the electronics, communications, marine, home, construction and automotive markets, and we also offer a repairs service. We can also manufacture genuine A-surface composite tooling for high volume manufacturing use. Damaged race car composite panel repair quotes and fast turn around. We also pride ourselves in having our own branded parts used by companies all over the world. Our former and current clientele have included names such as, Jordan F1 Grand Prix, AER Engines, Citroen WRC, Cosworth Electronics, Lotus Sport, Gigawave Motorsport, Gurit, Foggy PETRONAS, Gibson technology and many more.

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