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Budds’ – a name that is synonymous with quality service in Southern Ontario. In fact our motto “the family business that service built” is a testament to the commitment that our family-owned shops have been providing to each and every customer since we opened in 1973. There are two parts to the car business: cars and business. From the Budds’ perspective, the business is enjoyable but it’s the cars that are the stars. Our sales consultants are professional, honest and dedicated to servicing you throughout the life of your vehicle. With literally no staff turnover, our sales team has a deep rooted knowledge of our products, customer expectations and the ability to handle all of your automotive needs. We’ve got great things planned and we hope that you, our customers will enjoy the enhancements and improvements that we are making. To help us along with our customer service efforts, we ask that you take a moment and email us. We won’t send you spam and we will, like we have always done, hold your personal information in the highest confidence. Send an email with your name and request to info@buddsfamily.com. Oakville Land Rover Dealer Are you ready for an adventure? Do you want to go anywhere the open road can take you and spend some time off-road as well? When you drive away with a vehicle from our Land Rover dealer in Oakville, you will be ready for whatever adventure lies ahead. From cross-country trips to off-roading adventures, nothing will be able to slow you down. It’s Easy to Get a Land Rover From Our Dealership Shopping for a Land Rover shouldn’t be an all-day affair unless you want it to be. We help our customers save time by offering countless features on our website. Browse through our inventory online and get pre-approved for financing. Then, schedule your test drive through our online service. By the time you come to the dealership, we will be ready for you. Of course, you don’t have to use the online features before you stop by. If you are ready to get your Land Rover, you can skip the online features and visit us in person. Our team is on hand six days a week, ready to answer your questions, take you for a test drive, and help you find the right vehicle. Choosing the Right Model While some Land Rover dealers in Canada only have a few models to choose from, you can find the entire line of Land Rovers at our Oakville dealership. Each model has its own qualities, making it easy to find the perfect Land Rover for your needs. Do you want something that is as luxurious as it is rugged? If so, the Range Rover is the perfect choice. With countless advanced technologies, a luxurious interior, and a refined body, this vehicle makes a statement, whether you are off or on the road. If you’re interested in agility, look no further than the Range Rover Sport. Not only is this the fastest Land Rover ever released, but it is also the most responsive and agile. That makes it a great choice for off-roading adventures. The All-New Discovery Sport is known for its versatility. It can tackle any terrain and you can easily fold down the seats to increase the storage space. That means you can have anywhere from 5+2 seats up to 7 seatswhen you drive this vehicle. You can take the entire family with you or go on a couple’s retreat with a vehicle full of luggage. The choice is yours. The Range Rover Evoque is a great choice for drivers who want a departure from the classic Range Rover design. You can get this vehicle in a five-door or coupe body style, and it is perfect for driving around the city. Finally, there is the LR4. Reliable and capable, this vehicle is meant for all situations. You can take it over snow, gravel, pavement, or grass, and it even makes it through mud and ruts. Schedule a test drive for any of these vehicles today. New and Used Vehicles Available Once you decide which type of vehicle you want, you have to decide if you want it new or used. As a premier Oakville Land Rover dealer, we have both new and used vehicles available. Our used vehicles include Certified Pre-Owned Land Rovers. Our Certified Pre-Owned inventory provides additional confidence when you are on the road or the trails. First Class Service After you buy your Land Rover from us, you can rest assured that you will never have to feel as if you are on your own. We have a first-rate service department onsite to help you with all of your needs. Our technicians are enrolled in factory accredited training programs and they will keep your vehicle running from one adventure to the next. Whether you need a new vehicle or a tune-up, we are here for you. Browse through our inventory, schedule a test drive, or stop by our Oakville dealership today.

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