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Since 1975, Skip Barber has operated a fully integrated system of racing schools, driving schools, racing championships, corporate events and special projects across North America. No other organization delivers such a combination of high quality instruction, equipment, facilities and memorable experiences. In addition to the Skip Barber Racing School and the Skip Barber Driving School, the company owns and operates five prestigious open-wheel and Mazda MX-5, equal-car racing championships – four for amateur drivers, one for professional competitors. Its Corporate Events division creates and conducts customer programs utilizing any or all Skip Barber assets, from Porsche 911s to Formula Skip Barber race cars. The innovative OEM Group serves the automotive industry with a variety of unique, specialized skills. Add to that 150 race cars, 60 street cars, 30 transport and support vehicles and more than 200 dedicated professionals. All working to create thousands of racing and driving, education and entertainment programs. “When it was time for my kids to go to racing school, we did a lot of research. I believe that they got the most out of the Skip Barber Racing School because the training quality and equipment used is superior and very consistent.” -Mario Andretti

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PO Box 1629,29 Brook Street