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"Firstly, the HSA is at the very hub of sprinting and hillclimbing in the UK. We are a national Association which represents the sport as a whole. Chairman, Les Buck Belonging to the HSA means belonging to the sprinting and hillclimbing community at its heart - something which I don’t think any other motor club can offer. We have strong relationships with the MSA and many of the clubs which organise events up and down the country, and we often represent your interests and views with them. If you Google 'hillclimb', the HSA is at the top of the list." "Secondly we provide our members with five copies of Speedscene magazine each year. We are the only organisation which provides a magazine entirely devoted to speed events, the competitors, the cars, the organisers and the organisations involved. Furthermore, the commentary on new developments/current thinking/regulations etc and the other feature articles are not available on our website. The magazine also contains details of offers available to members from various motorsport suppliers" "Thirdly, we run a national speed championship, for both A and B licence holders, throughout England and Wales. If you are a competitor, this offers you over 30 events per year, many of which give you the chance to compete alongside the British Hillclimb and British Sprint Championship contenders at the most prestigious venues. Only the best 9 scores count, so the chances are that you can plan a season of meetings within a reasonable distance of where you live. We cater for 28 classes of car, and our scoring system allows you to score points irrespective of which event class you compete in at any given event. This can also be helpful if you are also running in another concurrent championship for which there is a dedicated class. Even if you don’t register for our championship, HSA membership will allow you to enter many other events up and down the country because HSA is a member of the majority of relevant Regional Car Club Associations, and therefore HSA is very often an invited club."

More info: www.hillclimbandsprint.co.uk

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