2.0L Duratec Taper Throttle 307bhp Kit

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When it came to designing the new top spec engine, we knew a lot of effort had to be put into producing over 300bhp. We spent 4 years testing & developing components until we managed to produce this new high spec engine kit. We also wanted to make sure the kit was reliable, we had to develop special valve springs in order to cope with over 13mm of valve lift, regularly rev above 9500rpm & a safety margin to cope with potential accidental over-rev. We had a custom spring made at great expense, being made from the highest spec material, made in a dual rate which is also put through many treatments to extend the life of the spring. We designed a special 2-ring slipper piston & long con-rod, this showed a 7bhp gain on our development engine on its own. With the new cam design, latest evolution of the CNCd cylinder head work which includes 37mm inlet valves & 31mm exhaust valves combined with the rod & piston design, we have currently managed to produce 307bhp & 200lbft torque at Track’n’Road rolling road in Essex. We tested the engine kit for a year ourselves & supplied components to another well respected engine builder before releasing it to the general market. More Info: http://www.sbdev.co.uk/Duratec/Duratec%20Taper%20throttle%20top%20of%20the%20range%20kit.htm