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Oval Kart $2,800.00
Oval Kart
TS Racing
Oval kart racing is the largest segment of the industry. Oval racing is family based, close competition available in all parts of the country. Racers can choose between dirt and ...
Shock Absorber Dynamometer BTP 99
Shock Absorber Dynamometer BTP 99
SPA Dynamometers
Designed with the race engineer in mind, this latest bench top portable dynamometer from SPA has a host of updated features for both ease of use and transportation. It now offers t...
Scitsu Classic Racing Tachometer £149.40
Scitsu Classic Racing Tachometer
Scitsu Instruments
Scitsu Classic Racing Tacho. This is the well known motorcycle race tacho favoured by racers world wide over the years. The tacho is supplied with everything necessary to fit a...
Airflow Calibration
Airflow Calibration
Air flow and gas flow meter calibration services for the automotive, aviation, medical, environmetal and process instrumentation industries. UKAS accredited for air flow calibratio...