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The orginal Minilite wheel made in magnesium was probably the most sucessful motorsport wheel in the 1960's and 70's and in its classic form the design is still winning historic races and rallies today. Unfortunately this classic design with its deep inset is unable to fit modern cars with large offsets - enter the MINILITE EV2000. As its name suggests, this wheel is an evolution of the original, incorporating the well proven 8-spoke design which affords strength with improved air flow for brake cooling. Aimed primarily at the competition market, the EV2000 is manufactured in primary aluminium, heat treated and machined using the latest technology. EV2000 - a marrrriage of new millenium aluminium production technology with the winning characteristics of the original. MINILITE EV2000 wheels are available in a variety of offsets to suit a wide range of modern front-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. Designed with the serious motorsport competitor in mind, EV2000 wheels represent the pinnacle of aluminium wheel technology at an affordable price. All competition wheels are manufactured in primary heat-treated aluminium, low pressure die-cast, pressure tested and machined using the lastest computer-.controlled equipment. MINILITE EV2000 wheels are available in four exciting motorsport colours: red, yellow, blue and white. For traditionalists they can also be supplied in silver or gold. All motorsport wheels are fitted with steel wheel nut inserts as standard. EV2000 Offsets: SIZE: OFFSET: 5.5"x15" ET20-ET40 6.0"x15" ET26-ET46 6.5"x15" ET32-ET52 7"x15" ET38-ET58 7"x16" ET38-ET58 7"x17" ET33-ET65 7"x17.5" ET38-ET70.


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