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With years of experience in modifying, converting, repairing and restoring high performance and classic cars, and having spent several seasons competing on the race circuit, Paul Hands has developed the Hyper Transformation system as part of our complete Jaguar repair service in Oxford, Chiltern, Thames Valley, High Wycombe and customers worldwide. Each Hyper engineering special edition Jaguar can be hand crafted to suit the preferences of the owner with unique handling and performance characteristics. We also specialise in trim, colour and accessories customised exclusively for the individual. As one of the leading car garages in Oxford, we are experts in optical and performance tuning for Jaguar cars. The three best-known distinctive body styling packages are evolution of the classic XJS Grand Tourer that enhance appearance and aerodynamics. The Mark 1 version has spoilers fitted under the bumpers and like the Mark 2, which has over-bumper spoilers, our packages can be supplied for self-assembly or professionally engineered. We are proud to serve as Jaguar bodywork specialists in Oxford. The Mark 3 wide-body conversion requires skilled workshop engineering. The Mark 2 transformation adds four inches to the rear width and three inches to the front, thus allowing for 11-inch and 8-inch rim wheels. Underlying the head turning styling are mechanical modifications that greatly improve the car’s handling and performance. Our packages cover transmission and exhaust emissions to increase horsepower without the need for engine modifications. The exclusive Hyperdrive gearbox gives the driver a manual change of three gears without using a clutch and delivers more power on the road. The Hyper handcrafted stainless steel exhaust and manifold system releases an increase of more than fifty brake horsepower. All suspension, steering and brakes are upgraded to match. The spoilers incorporate specific functional features. Air intakes in the front can house fog and spot lamps and behind them, the flow is channelled onto the brakes for extra cooling and, if required, a secondary oil-cooling unit is provided for the gearbox. The rear spoiler has modules for the statutory rear fog lights required for driving on British roads. All mouldings are made from quality impact-resistant fibreglass and bumper cavities are filled with expanding polyurethane foam for increased rigidity. We then blend into the cars styling with no break of visual continuity. Front and rear wing extensions for the wide-bodied version are engineered in steel. Hyper Transformations also specialise in scheduled car servicing for Jaguars in Oxford, Chiltern, Thames Valley, High Wycombe for your convenience. car servicing for Jaguars in Oxford Jaguar Repair Service Jaguar Modifications and Body Styling Hyper Transmission Conversion Packages Bodywork and Restoration Free Estimates and Advice Fully Insured Service Jaguar Services in Oxford For all things Jaguar come to Hyper Transformations We are the leading Independent specialists for XJS/XJRS/XJ6/8, X-Type & S-Type Jaguars in Thames Valley and Oxfordshire, and High Wycombe. We use the very latest diagnostic equipment combined with years of experience, you are assured the greatest level of service and expertise. We are competitively priced maintenance from a straightforward service to a complete engine rebuild; our skilled technicians have an impressive knowledge and understanding of all Jaguar cars.

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