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Tyndallwoods originated with Thomas Webb in 1792 – the first Tyndall joined in 1805. A merger in the 1960’s produced a Firm called Tyndall, Mirams, R.M. Wood and Sons. In 1971, the Firm changed its name to become Tyndallwoods. The original Lease for ‘The Rocklands’ (now, 29 Woodbourne Road) dates back to 1889. The Landlord was a Frederick Henry William Lord Calthorpe. The lease was granted to George Shelton, a Timber Merchant, at a rent of twenty five pounds five shillings per year. It was a standard ninety nine year contract to be in effect until 1988. Within the year of having purchased the lease, Mr. Shelton would be obliged to build “upon the said land one and not more than one good and substantial detached dwelling house with proper and sufficient out offices and conveniences…thereto expend therein and thereupon the sum of one thousand pounds at the least.” (Lease book 7 ref MS 2126 vol /607). We believe that the building of the house began between March 1889 and the same time the following year. According to the half yearly rental volumes contained in the Birmingham City Library Archives, as well as Kelly’s Directory of Birmingham, the tenants occupying the said property changed, as follows. In 1895 Edward Martin Goodman was living in the house but by 1900 Alfred Coleman was the occupier. In 1905 William Stephen Tunbridge began living there and by 1916 John Henry Scribbans was the tenant. Mr Tunbridge was a lieutenant colonel, solicitor, notary public, commissioner for oaths and councilor. We know little about the other occupants except that they each paid 12 pounds, 12 shillings and 6 pence rent each Lady Day and Michaelmas.

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