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Gullwing Racing Insurance develops and provides specific insurance products for the Motorsport industry. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible insurance products with unmatched service and a quick and efficient claims handling. Our approach to the market is clearly noticed given our growth over the past years. Without advertising or promotion, Gullwing Racing Insurance has established itself on European racetracks as a solid partner for drivers, teams and organisations. Our fame has not been unnoticed. Our insurance solutions now also find their way to Australia and New Zeeland as well as North America. Expansion however, may never lead to minor service. In order to stay ahead of the field we managed to optimize our claims procedure in order to guarantee our quick and efficient claims handling. Because of our specific knowledge of the motorsport industry, we are often approached by colleagues to provide specific insurance products for the clients. Gullwing Racing Insurance offers trainees de possibility of a prosperous future. We are a recognized training company and we regularly invite students to follow a trainee period. The “Gullwing” The name “Gullwing” and our logo are choosen deliberately. The wings provide you with protection en the classic beauty of the “Gullwing” stand for unlimited class and boundless facilities of our products. “Gullwing” is a registered trademark in the class “insurance” and is used by kind permission of Daimler Chrysler AG. Tradenames Gullwing (Racing) Insurance en S.E.&A. (Sport, Entertainment & Aviation) are official tradenames of Florinvest Eindhoven B.V. You and us are in a specific market regarding insurance requests and solutions. In order to provide you with the correct insurance product, we take time to inventory your demands and needs.

More info: https://gullwing.com

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