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Founded in 2002 EY3 is an engineering company, which has been servicing primarily motorsport, but also aerospa. and other performance engineering companies for over a decade now. Kees Mense is the founder and managing director and his 40 years of engineering and managerial experience (26 of which at Cosworth) are the basis of the company's success. EY3 also benefits from the skills of several highly experienced motorsport operators, who bring unique craftmanship qualities. In addition to fabrication and welding, EY3 also untakes a large proportion of rnachining work, with its ability to offer a cornplete engineering solution, which is a key feature of the work undertaken. EY3 employs John Thompson, a worldwide known racing car designer and constructor, as a consultant. We are not just a production facility: we provide engineering solutions frorn design to rnanufacture.

More info: http://www.ey3ltd.co.uk

Collets House 28-30 Denington Road