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Motorsport Race and Rally Insurance Services is a market leader pioneering the world's first on-line motorsport insurance website for the rally, competition car, motocross, kart and track day insurance: Our motorsport insurance for off road motor cross and trials bike competition. Our policies cover theft and loss of competition motorbikes and equipment. For competition licence holders we have a brilliant rider personal accident insurance. This exceeds what is currently available to competition licence holders so we encourage you to take advantage of our motorsport insurance policies that protect loss of income and emergency medical expenses. MORIS.co.uk has been innovators with our on-line kart insurance. Designed to protect against theft, fire and accidental damage. Our bespoke kart insurance policy will cover the kart at race circuits and our unique option to cover kart chassis from On Track crash damage sets us apart. Our Kart Insurance comes with Datatag identification kits illustrating why we are the premier on-line motorsport insurance providers. We have a multitude of motorsport insurance policies designed to keep the costs of club motorsport down. Let our specialist motorsport insurance policies give you peace of mind. We will cover your competition car from theft and transit risks. Being motorsport insurance specialists we can provide On Track crash damage insurance for certain types of circuit competition car. Your motorsport insurance policies are underwritten by the very best and most secure UK insurers.

More info: www.moris.co.uk

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