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Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach are trading names of Integro Insurance Brokers Limited – a global insurance brokerage and specialty risk management firm driven to deliver dedicated, quality insurance brokerage services through client-first, transparent business practices, with particular focus on Music & Events, Sports, Theatre, TV/Film/Media and high net worth Private Clients. Robertson Taylor, Walton & Parkinson, and Long Reach International, are capable of developing customised solutions for all entertainment insurance needs. As a worldwide leader in the music and entertainment insurance industry, as well as providing specialist insurance services to high net worth private clients, it is always our objective to improve the quality and depth of their products, service and team.From insurance cover for multi-million pound tours to policies for bands, festivals, sporting events, theatre productions or films, our policies provide comprehensive cover at highly competitive premiums. Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach is a worldwide leader in the Entertainment Insurance industry and high net worth private insurance with offices in London, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Atlanta & Toronto. Throughout our 36 years of experience we have provided insurance and risk management advice to more top grossing acts, tours, sporting events, Theatrical Productions and artists than any other broker.

More info: www.rtworldwide.com

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